Depending on your brand's position and goals, you have choices about the packaging strategy you choose for your Vape Cartridge Packaging. There are three fundamental approaches:

  • Stock Packaging

  • Semi-Stock Packaging (Hybrid)

  • Full Custom Packaging

Stock Packaging: Packed offers a range of 'stock' vape cartridge packaging that can be decorated with your branding at extremely competitive costs. Whether it's a child resistant box, a pop-top, a glass or plastic jar, Mylar Bags or a child resistant tin, our stock Vape Cartridge packaging is high quality and cost competitive. Packed will help you make them 'yours' by printing your logo and branding directly on to them, or by applying custom printed labels to them.

Semi-Stock (Hybrid) Packaging is the easiest, and cheapest way to own a unique, branded package. For Vape Cartridges, the best approach is to use a 'stock' package style  and then to create a custom component with your logo, texture or other brand assets molded into it. 

Full Custom Packaging is the approach for companies looking to really create a Brand that customers recognize. In this approach, the sky's the limit, but we can help guide you based on your quantities, budget goals and timelines. Our in house design team has designed award winning packaging for companies ranging from Starbucks, LG, & Kate Spade. We can apply the experience from these consumer goods to elevate your brand and ensure customers recognize your cannabis or CBD brand, instantly.

In the packaging world, packaging is described as either primary packaging, or secondary packaging.

Primary packaging is the actual Jar, Tin, Bag or Box that holds and touches the Vape Cartridge. Packed can offer you stock, semi stock (Hybrid) or custom packaging options for Primary Packaging.

Secondary packaging is the Box (or other) that the Primary Package sits inside. This package typically carries the marketing information, product statements and legal considerations. Packed designs and supplies secondary packaging in Rigid Board, Paperboard, Corrugate, Tin and other packaging materials. Our experience supporting Fortune 500 brands means we're familiar with the quality and pricing needs demanded by the worlds premier brands.

Every package, depending on the Cannabis or CBD market you're selling into, needs some form of compliance or legislation requirement be met.

Packed has taken multiple new packages through Child Resistant Testing, ensuring your packaging is appropriately certificated for your market. 

We use 3rd party, US Based, Federally Approved Labs to undertake the testing, so that you can rely on the certification.

We partner with the industry's leading legal advisors to provide you, if needed, with rock solid guidance.

We know that packaging itself isn't always the primary goal, it's a vital part of a complete marketing approach to help you ensure that your product sells well.

With the actual goal for most brands being successful sales, we ensure we consider the final actual retail environment in everything we do.


We have experience designing and supplying retail displays; Floor Standing and Counter top, that help capture your customers attention and educate them about your brand's Cannabis and CBD products quickly. 








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